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Cracked toilet. To repair or replace?

A cracked toilet has the potential of causing major water damage in your Melbourne area home. However, not all cracks are equal. As a homeowner, you have two choices when faced with this issue:replacement of the toilet or patch up the crack. What you decide depends on where and how bad the crack is.

Fixing the Cracked Toilet

The key is the size and width of the crack. Hairline cracks normally do not require replacement if they are around the outside of the tank or bowl. If you see cracks like this, you should seal them with plumbing epoxy. Some cracks inside the tank can be repaired too, but they must be under 1/16-inch wide.

Look at all of the cracks carefully. Note where they’re located. Cracks on the tank are okay as long as they are cosmetic, which means only hairline. However, large amounts of hairline cracks on the tank should be a sign of worry. Always check to make sure the cracks do not go all the way through. If they do, you’ll have to replace the toilet or tank.

Replacing the Cracked Toilet

Cracks in the tank that are more than 1/16 inch wide means that the tank must be replaced. If you try to patch this type of leak, you are asking for trouble. The tank will eventually break, causing water damage to the bathroom. These costs will end up being massive compared to the miniscule cost of hiring a plumber to replace the tank.If there are any cracks inside the bowl, the whole toilet must be replaced. This is because the bowl bears all of the weight of not just the toilet, but anyone using it. This could cause serious injury and damage to the bathroom if it’s not replaced. A qualified plumber can replace the toilet easily.

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